Locks Change and Repair

If you’re looking for a complex and secure locking system, Admiral Lock and Key would be happy to perform the installation for you. We understand that many people would rather have

Deadbolt & Safe Installation

Deadbolt Installation Deadbolt installation must be completed with great precision and you can be sure that the experts of our Admiral  Locksmith in Astoria have high knowledge and experience. We

Emergency Lock Install

When it comes to security for the home, you can never be too cautious. Crime is at an ultimate high on a national level, leaving many people feeling vulnerable. Most

Hasp For Your Van

Need that extra protection for your van? Admiral Lock and Key can provide hasps for the round steel padlock on your van! For more information or 24 hour emergency locksmith

Need a Lock For Your Door?

If you ever find yourself needing a lock for your door, Admiral Lock and Key can provide all types of different locks for you to choose from! For more information

One Less Key to Lose

Unlock your deadbolt and knob lock with the same key! We carry Master Lock’s Security Lock which is the only deadbolt that prevents an intruder from entering your home even