Need a Lock For Your Door?

If you ever find yourself needing a lock for your door, Admiral Lock and Key can provide all types of different locks for you to choose from! For more information

Trouble Opening a Safe?

Need help opening a safe? Here at Admiral Lock and Key we open all types of safes! For more information or 24 hour emergency locksmith services contact us at 718-274-2491

One Less Key to Lose

Unlock your deadbolt and knob lock with the same key! We carry Master Lock’s Security Lock which is the only deadbolt that prevents an intruder from entering your home even

Protect Your Possessions!

We carry all types of safes here at Admiral Lock and Key. For more information or 24 hour emergency locksmith services, contact us at (718) 274-2491

Door Hardware

Need locks changed, re-keyed, or repaired? We offer latch locks, cylinders and lever handles of all sizes! For more information or 24 hour emergency locksmith services, call us at (718)

Novelty Keys and Key chains

Add some personality to your key chain with unique key shapes and key chains. Browse the extensive selection at Admiral Lock and Key in Astoria!

What are Mechanical Pushbutton Locks ?

Pushbutton locks off an alternative way to unlock a door. They offer this advantage while being of about the same difficulty to install as a keyed lock. Most pushbutton locks

Residential Services

We provide a full range of products from major manufacturers and install locks and door security products quickly and efficiently to keep your home and your family safe. Locks rekeyed,

Get The Right Locks For Your Needs

Depending on what you want in the lock that is being installed on your home, you may want to choose a different lock brand. From situation to situation our technicians

RESIDENTIAL Security  Tips

Use quality locks on all entrances. Don’t hide keys outside, or leave in vehicle. Keep doors locked even when you or family are at home. Install locks on your fuse