Home Security and Safety

Pride of workmanship is our signature trademark! Each of our locksmiths has between 25-35 years of locksmithing experience in the Metro St. Louis market. American Locksmiths takes our “Shop-on-Wheels” service

Questions to ask Locksmith

Here are some questions you should ask a prospective locksmith: Are you licensed and insured? What types of work do you do? (Ask this question before you tell them what you

Jam Jackets Offer Security and Looks

Many of us have experienced it before; a rotting, worn out door frame which looks it’ll break at any second. Most homeowners don’t do anything about it because they think

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks operate by means of one or more pieces of metal (tumblers, levers, or latches) falling into a slot in the bolt, preventing it from being moved. Most mechanical

Reasons to replace Home Locks

New Roommate or Tenant If you rent a room out in your home or even if you own a rental property, you should always change the locks when a new

What to do when locked out of your Car / Van / Truck?

You could be locked out of your vehicle ( car/truck/van ) and need your car unlocking for a number of reasons, the most common being you have locked your keys

Locksmith Corona Queens NY

Night or day. Admiral Locksmith has always been available. We are the 24 hour locksmith for Corona. Contact us at 718-274-2491 .

Emergency Lock Install

When it comes to security for the home, you can never be too cautious. Crime is at an ultimate high on a national level, leaving many people feeling vulnerable. Most

House Lockout

On those occasions where you accidentally lock yourself out, our team of expert locksmiths are always ready to help. Depending on your location, an Admiral Lock & Key locksmith can

Total Home Security

The latest addition to home security are the electronic WiFi locks. Also known as “Smart Locks” these locks not only look great but are also secure. They are designed to