How much screen time is OK for your kids?

What’s Recommended? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued these guidelines for screen time: Babies and toddlers up to 18 months old: No screen time, with certain exceptions. Toddlers 18 months to

Panic exit device

We provide a full range of products from major manufacturers and install locks and door security products quickly and efficiently to keep your home and your family safe. Locks rekeyed,

Electric Strike Locks

Electric Strike Locks are basically electrically powered locking systems to manage door access. Installing this device, you will have more control over the entire security system as well as your

Locks Installed

If you’re looking for a complex and secure locking system, Admiral Lock and Key would be happy to perform the installation for you. We understand that many people would rather have

Here at Admiral Lock & Key, we provide 24-hour emergency service across the 5 boroughs. Whether on the road, in your office or at home you can call our 24

Window Gates Admiral 24 HOUR Locksmith (718) 274-2491 Astoria, Queens

Our Fire Approved Window Gates are approved by the New York City Fire Department and is rated for life safety. It is a gate that gives you security but would

Door Closers Admiral 24 HOUR Locksmith (718) 274-2491 Astoria, Queens

We specialize in door closing technology based on your requirements. We offer a wide range of Door Control Solutions that exceed today’s growing demand of architectural opening requirements. They can

Auto Keys With Transponder Chips

It’s part of the cars anti-theft system.  The word transponder comes from the words “Transmitter + Responder”.  This small microchip embedded in the plastic head of your automotive/motorcycle key receives

Why Should I change my locks

When arranging for reliable home security, it is best to be proactive in replacing locks. Replacing a door lock is a small cost which can cost a lot more if

We Provide Safety And Security For Our Customers

You’ve locked your keys in the car, and now you’re locked out of your house too! A friend kindly takes you to their place. No worries, you say; I’ll simply pick